About Base Camp

What we do and how we do it.

Located in Water Valley, Mississippi, Base Camp Coding Academy (BCCA) is a hands-on, challenging, and fun program designed to train adults to be software engineers. In an intimate classroom setting three times a week, students work with real world technologies to learn the fundamentals of coding, app development and the life leadership skills they will need to be successful in their career and competitive in the job market upon graduation.

Base Camp is a non-profit, offering a year-long program free to their students thanks to the support of Tennessee Valley Authority.

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Send us your name and email address, and we will reach out to coordinate a date and time for you to visit our facility.  Whether you are looking to bring in an entire group of friends or it's just you, we'd love to have you visit!

Tuition Free

Base Camp graduate students contribute their time, hard work, and dedication. Base Camp provides the rest, ensuring social and economic barriers do not prevent our best and brightest from joining the future tech workforce of Mississippi.

Every student accepted into Base Camp Coding Academy receives a 100% scholarship, thanks to the generous support of Tennessee Valley Authority.

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